Essay: Affects of bullying on bullies and the people around

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Essay: Affects of bullying on bullies and the people around

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As much as we may give a lot of attention to the victims, bullies are also negatively affected by their actions. They are faced by incarceration, which might come very early in their lives. School bullies have also registered very high rates of dropping out of school (High, 2011). Most bullies end up with a criminal records, which affects other life related issues such as ability to secure employment. To add into this basket, Garrett (2003, p. 93) exposes that adult bullies may end up bringing up children that may end up becoming bullies themselves resulting into a vicious cycle in the family line. Domestic violence has also emerged as a major trouble associated with bullies with many even roughing up their parents and sibling especially when demanding for something.

Bullying has also very far-reaching effects to the people around especially to school going children. Just witnessing the act happening to their peers is in itself tormenting to most children. Anxiety may build up among other children who fear that what they saw happen to their friends could probably happen to them (Walter, 2006, p. 78). Some may end up falling into the trap of the bullies by involuntarily choosing to alienate the victims thus multiplying the pain already inflicted. Others may choose to separate themselves from the rest as an effort to shield their freedom.

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