Essay: Advertising and Wireless Accessibility

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Essay: Advertising and Wireless Accessibility

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Currently the hottest spot in the advertising world is in the Wireless advertising zone, where the advancements in the wireless technology has brought about a revolutionary change in the use of mobile devices and a new form of advertising.

Wireless advertising is the use of wireless networks to send advertisements to mobile devices, let it be for the purpose of creating brand awareness, increasing sales or promoting a new product.  Wireless advertising is a new medium and channel of advertising where marketing is done through mobile phones, PDA, and pocket PCs. Why have wireless networks become so popular recently? Three are three reasons for this that put them far above the conventional mediums of advertising (Yunos, 2007).

Firstly, they offer accessibility. Wireless devices are handy and are carried everywhere. When adverts are sent through such mobile devices, they reach the customers promptly and provide accuracy in supply of the information directed by the marketers for the customers.

Secondly, they are personal. The individual identity of a customer can be easily tracked down. This not only helps in advertising but also in marketing research. TV was no where near this close to the target audiences!

And thirdly, advertisers and marketers can easily track the target audience’s whereabouts whenever they have the device turned on (Yunos, 2007).

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