Essay: Advertising and DVRs

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Essay: Advertising and DVRs

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Digital Video Recorders brought about a threat to the conventional modes of TV advertising that put concern upon marketers. DVRs gave the users a chance to altogether skip the advertisements fairly easily. According to a Forrester Research survey, over 30 million homes possess DVRs in 2009. Due to this TV commercials are being reduced to 20% in the coming 5 years (Locklear, 2004).

Now this change has brought about two different impacts onto the world of advertising. Firstly, markets are now working with DVR’s manufactures to get information on viewer demographics and interests to induce better targeted advertising in future. In addition, marketers are pushing for wider screens of DVR so as to get additional opportunities for advertising. more interactive ads are being developed to display through the DVR remote (Otlacan, 2009). Secondly, a move from TV advertising is also leading to a boon in Internet advertising revenues. Seventy-five percent of advertisers have increased spending on Internet advertising, a report said (Locklear, 2004).

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