Essay: Adverse Affects of Eating Disorders

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Essay: Adverse Affects of Eating Disorders

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To reiterate the adverse affect of these disorders to our intellectual society today, a British senior university lecturer Rosemary Pope who had a professional background in health and a PhD holder in psychology, died from anorexia in March 2008 (BBC NEWS, 22nd April 2008, Professor, 49, died from anorexia ).  Despite this case, the recent reviews of the epidemiological studies of eating disorders indicate an incidence of 8 to 13 cases per 10, 000 individuals per year and average prevalence of 0.3 percent when using restrictive criteria for diagnosis.

As a matter of fact, when young women experience emotional dilemmas following body image dissatisfaction, it damagers their confidence to perform vital tasks in the society as a result of low self esteem, consequences on psychodynamic processes and related problems. Which truly relates to Reiger’s (2008) statement; “Eating disorders have devastating consequences on the psychodynamic processes that affect individual and society”

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