Essay: Advantages of Genetically Modified Organisms

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Essay: Advantages of Genetically Modified Organisms

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GMOs are also known to withstand harsh climatic conditions.  Sometimes there are “unexpected changes in the weather patterns, which cause serious damage to seedlings”. (Evenson 2003 pp 12) A gene from the fishes from the cold waters has been introduced in to crops as a way of fighting freezing conditions. Crops which posses this gene will be in a position to withstand cold temperatures, which would have caused serious damage to the non-engineered seedlings.

Because the population is growing and thus more land is needed for housing means that farming ought to be done on areas, which are not suitable for farming. These areas include those prone to droughts and high salinity in soil. Having plants with the abilities of tolerating high temperatures and less moisture in the soil would definitely increase crop yield. (Mzinga 2005)  Plants capable of withstanding high soil salinity would also be important as a way of increasing the farmland. In cases where the soil has high amounts of heavy metals GMOs can be used to absolve these metals as a way of cleaning up the soil since these metals are harmful.( Whitman 2000 available online)

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