Essay: Advantages of Finger Security Systems

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Essay: Advantages of Finger Security Systems

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  • Iris scanners are costlier. Fingerprint readers are among the lowest cost biometric devices.
  • Strong fingerprint solutions are capable of processing thousands of users without allowing a false match, and can verify nearly 100% of users with one or two placements of a finger. Because of this, many fingerprint technologies can be deployed in applications where either security or convenience is the primary driver.

  • Iris recognition is very difficult to perform at a distance larger than a few meters and if the person to be identified is not cooperating by holding the head still and looking into the camera. However, several academic institutions and biometric vendors are developing products that claim to be able to identify subjects at distances of up to 10 meters (“standoff iris” or “iris at a distance”).
  • As with other photographic biometric technologies, iris recognition is susceptible to poor image quality, with associated failure to enroll rates.
  • Overcoming a fingerprint system by presenting it with a “false or fake” fingerprint is likely to be a difficult deed. For instance, someone may attempt to use latent print residue on the sensor just after a legitimate user accesses the system. At the other end of the scale, there is the gruesome possibility of presenting a finger to the system that is no longer connected to its owner. Therefore, sensors attempt to determine whether a finger is live, and not made of latex (or worse). Detectors for temperature, blood-oxygen level, pulse, blood flow, humidity, or skin conductivity would be integrated.

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