Essay: Advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad

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Essay: Advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad

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It is clear that modern lifestyles changes are because of advancement of science & technology. This has necessitated the need to have proper educational centre that focus on academic excellence. These institutions include universities, technical colleges, and many more. Unavailability of such well equipped institutions and quality in what they offer has made many people to seek alternatives from other countries (Engel, & Engel. J. 2004 P. 9)

It is arguably true that when an individual moves to another country, he or she is likely to develop more clear understanding of the visions or goals that they have. This is assisted by the fact that the new environment of reasoning and the way of looking at things is different. They also develop strategies that they need to achieve their targets since their styles of planning is changed incase the new place offers good planning techniques (Doyle et al. 2010 p.477). This is by learning different skills of achieving excellence using easiest ways. They develop great intellectual commitments and other virtues such as understanding and tolerance for different academic aspects. Most people see other countries that are more advanced as well equipped to provide the best environment for studying and thus enabling a student to do much.

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