Essay: Advantages and disadvantages of Bureaucracy-Impersonality

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Essay: Advantages and disadvantages of Bureaucracy-Impersonality

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Impersonality has proved the best weapon for biasness in places of work (Sara, 2005). Employees are able to enjoy equal rights with no personal preferences being considered. This serves to motivate workers and eventually increase productivity. It also ensures fairness in rewarding employees as it discourages favoritism amongst them. An origination benefits more when it clients and employees feel regarded and equally treated. This is effect translates to more input and commitment to work therefore boosting productivity (Martin, 1998, p. 82). An organization is also able to dismiss and admit employees freely and independently since they are not connected basing on personal reasons.

Martin, (1998, p. 87) explains why absence of this bureaucratic trait, workers may feel detached from their work and from other colleagues. Such an environment affects performance, as workers feel less important than others who may happen to be contributing much less than what the workers do. It translates to poor performance which can led to collapse of such organizations hence it is advantageous.

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