Essay: Advantages and disadvantages of Bureaucracy

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Essay: Advantages and disadvantages of Bureaucracy

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Clear division of labor

As elaborated in the discussions of Clear division of labor, the practice of breaking down stages of production in work and assigning each to different people has several pros and cons. First, there is efficient use of labor (Schlesingers, 1993, p. 103) This maximize of the output given by worker, as individual assessment is very possible. Closer observation is possible since concentrating on a specific unit is easier. Organizations do this by establishing departments that are tasked with handling different affairs in line of production. For instance, brewing industries are broken into different stages such as raw material acquisition department, initial roasting of barley, fermentation, packaging and sales. Each of the department ensure that all involved worker put in their best as closer supervision is possible. This also enables workers to offer their best since they are only engage with specifics lines of production.

Division of labor also reduce training costs for the organization by making recruits engage in one unit rather than concentrate on the entire process which is expensive. Mouzelis (1968, p. 22) reveals that this saves an organization a lot of money which is directed to other important use. Another advantage that comes with this is increased uniformity and standardization of work output. According to Olsen (2006, p. 88), workers are able to coordinate with each other and give concurring results hence boosting productivity. Division of labor also make workers become experts in some field as repeated tasks ensure this. Employees are also able to receive the much-needed training at the expense of he organization (93). Merit certificates are issued thus building ones experience platform. Weber calls this “meritization “which improves production (Kilcullen, 1996, p. 71).

Major disadvantages of labor division include the fact that repetitive tasks are boring and workers may not give their best. It is also expensive to the organization as training is involved. Worker feel alienated and left alone hence discouraging them (Carter, 2007).

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