Essay: Advantages of Aristotle’s Philosophy

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Essay: Advantages of Aristotle’s Philosophy

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The greatest advantages of Aristotle’s philosophy were the importance it attached to observation and analysis on the basis of logic, and its ability to bridge the gap between Plato’s two separate worlds of ideas and sensible things.  Unfortunately, his philosophy was not without its disadvantages.  Firstly, he placed too much emphasis on observation with application of logic – a failing signified by his geocentric conception of the universe.  Secondly, his method of deductive reasoning from the general to the specific was not without its share of failings, and more or less scuttled the progress of scientific logical reasoning for ages to come.  (Gaukroger, 2002)

Despite all this, Aristotle is still considered one of the world’s greatest philosophers for his contributions to the study of logic, medicine, arts and sciences.  Interestingly, his most outstanding contribution was his studies in the field of marine biology that he conducted near the GreekislandofLesboswith his writings on aquatic mammals, Torpedo fish, angler-fish and cephalopods having stood the test of time till today.

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