Essay: Adult learning-Teaching methods and techniques

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Essay: Adult learning-Teaching methods and techniques

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The instructional methods designated to have a positive impact to an adult learner, should aim at fulfilling the special characteristics of the adult learner. These characteristics are geared towards achievement of LEARN (Leadership, Experience, Appeal, Respect and Novel Styles) that makes them realize their need to gain something; to be something; to do something; and to save something in an event of learning (Goldstein, 2003, p. 219). The following general techniques are proposed.

Icebreaker: good and integrated introduction to achieve a friendly and a relaxed atmosphere in a learning session. Done through adjourning the learning for five minutes and for each member to introduce himself to the person on his right by giving name, where he comes from, hobbies, and interests. Researchers have found out that icebreaker breaks down the formality of meetings that tends to force shy members into deeper silence.

Group Discussion: it is evident that people enjoy learning, themselves more when are engaged in discussion groups and can remember well the information discussed in the group. The advantage to the instructor is that he or she has a quicker way to obtain the views of all members. The learners shall have the opportunity to participate in the discussion. Furthermore, learners consider that they are contributing to the goal of progress and that their contribution is being recognized.

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