Essay: Adult learning-Organizational learning

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Essay: Adult learning-Organizational learning

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In order to have a successful and relevant Organizational training should involve identification of the target group; learning mode choice; and selection and sequencing of the contents.

Identification of the training target group: training intervention will be rendered fruitless if the trainees do not put into practice the training when they go back to their functions resulting from wrong choice of the participants (Baud, Geric, 1999, p. 95). Therefore correct participant’s choice is necessary. For example, in some cases the entire department may be selected for training where there are changes in the processes regarding to that department. While in other cases, key person is involved for training for specific task or skills like C.E.O. or manager

Training mode choice: it’s important to consider sheer volume and learning task complexity that can be used to direct the choice for distance or onsite classroom. While mass vs. distributed training, since research indicates that training instruction under distributed practice is retained more and longer.

Selection and sequencing of the content: the content should be strictly based on the learning objectives in consideration with job and task analysis. The difficult task should be allocated appropriate and sufficient time. Additionally, learning topic should not come in ad-hoc manner since it may hamper learning. Rest duration is important and dependant on the memory warm-up and psychological fatigue. In relation to rest duration, Armmons (1947), research work indicated that performance efficient may rise between 18%-43% with rest duration of 5-20 minutes after an intensive learning by trainers (Baud, Gerick 1999, p. 294).

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