Essay: Adult Learning Techniques

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Essay: Adult Learning Techniques

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Brainstorming: This is a technique used by the instructor to literally storm a problem to achieve the maximum number of ideas in the shortest possible. The purpose of brainstorming is to stimulate the creative ability of the trainees and improves creative powers.

Case Study: employing case studies that describes a situation that contains a number of problems and it requires a solution. This gives the trainees a basis and opportunity for studying a situation, analyzing its important aspects, and reaching various conclusions.

Team presentations: the importance of team presentation is to create a sense of team building and provides an ideal learning and review experience. As a result, the learners shall be able to understand the issue and convey it in a creative and entertaining

Learning games: this is an activity that is meant to complement the learning experience. Inclusion of a game into a training module allows the trainer to drive home a point in another fashion, thereby increasing the probability of retention and application. Ideally, content retention of new material or a new skill will be more likely if the trainee hears it more than once or practices new behavior several times (Goldstein, 2003, p. 229).

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