Essay: Adult Learning Process

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Essay: Adult Learning Process

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Many organizations in today’s competitive business world focus on training to enhance capacity development to their staff in order to compete effectively. The reason that underlies this competition is the emergence of knowledge based economy that put organizations to task and compete on the basis of knowledge. Therefore, many companies focus on building and equipping their staff with necessary skills and knowledge. It is therefore, a daunting task to design, develop and plan for the workforce training intervention; since are different from children in regard to learning.

As a result of complexity in instructional approach for adult learning, many training intervention for the Human Resource Development programs fail to give the desired results or changes intended by training intervention. The area of approach to design of training intervention is an outstanding concern because it determines the outcome of those training programs. In this regard, this paper shall look at best training or learning design to be embraced while developing a training intervention for developing workforce. This is because adult learners process information differently than one another and justify special approach.

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