Essay: Adult based theories in the psychiatric treatment

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Essay: Adult based theories in the psychiatric treatment

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Regardless of the application of adult based theories in the psychiatric treatment of children and adolescents, these individual entities use completely different approaches. Brown and Prout (2007, p.1) contend that children and adolescents have different developmental phases, interact in unique environments and have other aspects which definitely necessitate unique therapy approaches. Drama therapy is a play therapy technique which has been consistently used for the treatment of adolescents’ and children’s mental and developmental problems.

Play holds a special place in the growth of both children and adolescents. A majority of the problems and anxieties experienced by children emanate from conflicts between their drives, ego and superego. For instance, in the case where a child feels enraged by the behavior of a sibling, the conflict emerges between their drive to be aggressive and towards the unacceptable initiative instigated by the child’s ego and superego. Thus, children are only able to overcome these problems through play. Chethik (2005, p.49) argues that play allows children to interact with their fantasy worlds and by exercising their imaginations are able to calm their inner drives which allows them to relate to reality in a more effective manner.

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