Essay: Adopting principles of Just-in-Time-Kuiper Leda Company

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Essay: Adopting principles of Just-in-Time-Kuiper Leda Company

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Another viable option for Kuiper Leda Company is to adopt the principles of JIT (Just-in-Time) in products procurement, distribution and manufacturing. The application of Just-in-Time (JIT) by Kuiper Leda Company as a producer shall allow the firm to purchase and receive components just before the components is needed on the assembly line, therefore minimizes and saves the firm on the cost and burden of storing and managing idle parts.

Holding to these views, Kuiper Leda Company shall have reduced wastes by acquiring materials needed for production only at a time of need in specific quantity. Secondly, by minimizing expenditures on reduced carrying costs and reducing wastes the firms shall increase profitability. Profitability can also be enhances through slashed down expenditures related to storage, damages or wastes, handling, insurance, and taxes (Inventory carrying costs). Thirdly, Kuiper Leda Company shall better manage its human resource and improve satisfaction, morale and retention by reducing overtimes, and control activities and simplify schedules. Fourth benefit is customer directed, since Just – in- time principles shall offer increase productivity, improve quality by minimizing errors and shorter lead time leading to increased customers satisfaction.

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