Essay: Adequate quality of services for the Consumers

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Essay: Adequate quality of services for the Consumers

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In regard to other considerations, of vital importance is the ability of the manager to provide services of satisfactory quality. It is in the contract that the manager must ensure the consumer of the adequate quality of the services. Consumers are entitled to assume that services offered will fulfill the desired purpose appropriately and also be free of any imperfections. In understanding this, a manager can move to create room in the contract for those imperfections which may be out of the businesses’ control.

They are able to detail the measurements of quality and also suggest provisions for liability. Consumers are also usually very specific when it comes to the particular purpose of the service being offered. A comprehension of contract law makes the manager adept at realizing that particular purpose is specific to various consumers. This is such that regardless of this service having not been used for the desired purpose before, the enterprise is mandated to oblige the consumer. Therefore the knowhow of contract law puts the manager at an advantage where they are able to improve the efficiency of the enterprise.

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