Essay: Addressing Inequalities

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Essay: Addressing Inequalities

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From the preceding analysis, it is certain that gender disparities have been a part and parcel of humanity since historical times. These have had far reaching implications on the wellbeing of women in the society as they disadvantage them in different ways. The presentation of Lara croft in the video industry was a remarkable step towards achieving equal representation of women in the society. Coupled with the efforts being undertaken by women to address this issue, it is certain that Lara Croft has played a critical roe in changing the attitude f the society towards women. Of great reference is the influence of Lara’s strength, attitude, independence and intellect to the female segment of the society. It can be argued that this is certainly an effective form of women empowerment.

The disparities in the video gaming industry have also impacted upon the criminal justice system in many ways. It is certain that this has greatly influenced the perception of crime within the society. The realization that the themes presented in the video games are violent and influence the development of children and adolescents is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed accordingly. In addition, the impacts of unequal representation of women in the judicial justice system have led to various challenges that are presently faced by the female offender as well as victims. In order to counter this and enhance justice within the society, there is need to review the policies and legislations that are presently employed in governance.

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