Essay: Addiction/mental illness

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Essay: Addiction/mental illness

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Most mental conditions are caused by physical sicknesses, which are treatable if the conditions are detected and the right medication administered. Drug abuse and addiction can also cause a wide range of mental health problems.  (Jay & Boriskin, 2007)

The fact that the woman in question is 65 years of age and with so much work to do make this case a little bit complicated. After attending to her duties, she must be completely exhausted at the end of her day. I would have gone for the option of looking for professional advice from another institution just as you did. The professionalism of these people in the behavioral centre is of questionable standards. With five different diagnoses in just five days, that is like a joke. The only way to ascertain that a person is suffering from a mental illness is by doing numerous medical tests but it is easier to test for a physical illness. Since some physical illnesses are known to have symptoms likely suggesting a mental problem thus in a case like this, one is supposed to test for the former first. (Carpenito-Moyet, 2008)

When at first she is diagnosed with a kidney problem, more tests should have been done to see whether there was any other problem that might have led to her condition. The fact that she has been given a prescription of eleven different medicines will not help her kidney problem. A patient who has severe kidney problem should not be put on such a large number of tablets since the same kidneys are responsible for purifying the blood, so the medicine would just hurt the kidneys more. More over if she had been suffering from all those conditions advised by the doctor then chances are high that she could not have been doing all the work she were doing. One of the mentioned conditions could have had manifested in the patient thus slowing her down before the others hit in. (Shomon, 2005)

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