Essay: Acts of domestic violence

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Essay: Acts of domestic violence

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Pressure tactics such as threatening to withhold money, attempts to commit suicide, disconnect the telephone, sulking, telling you that you have no choice in any decisions, take the car away, lying to your friends and family about you, and taking the children away. Disrespect incidences that are demonstrated by interruption of telephone calls, not responding or listening when partner talking are signs of domestic violence. Isolation behaviours like blocking or monitoring telephone calls, and preventing a partner from seeing either relatives or friends.

Harassment behaviors such as following a partner, opening partners mail, checking up on partner, repeatedly checking a partners to see who has telephoned or checking messages, or worst forms involves embarrassment in public. Threats such as wielding a knife or a gun, using physical size to intimidate, destruction of a partner’s possession, and making angry gestures are indicators of harassment leading to domestic violence. Other signs of domestic violence include sexual violence, physical violence and denial. Therefore, as social workers inform the society about the signs that lead to domestic violence will ensure that the society especially women are empowered to prevent occurrence of violence to escalating stages.

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