Essay: Activities designed for the newly hired mangers

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Essay: Activities designed for the newly hired mangers

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This gives an implicit ideology of the management to the employees, stakeholders, investors and the board of directors. The management needs to adhere to the organizations vision and mission and it is for this reason that the learning and development activities are initiated so that the core values can be revived (Charters, 2008). These types of activities are particularly designed for the newly hired mangers so that they can feel themselves as the part of the organization team.

The implicit attributes of the managerial learning and development can be observed in many successful contemporary organizations (Lukas, 2007). Wal-Mart Stores is a functional live example of how the leaning and developmental activities boosted the corporate standing of the organization. Wal-Mart Stores ranked first in the annual ranking of the world’s largest corporations, 2010. It was previously ranked third but the vivid shift of the organization to the first rank speaks volume of the managerial expertise the company implements. This globally expanded organization has a diverse workforce of about 2100000 workers in US.

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