Essay: Acting and Kinetics

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Essay: Acting and Kinetics

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Rescue Dawn is a movie that was directed and written by Werner Herzog with the main theme of torture and war violence. Christian Bale is the staring character in the move acting as Dieter Dengler who survives a crash but followed by the militia and captured. Although he is forced to sign a document that is condemning America, he declines and ends at a prison camp where he meets other members of the American military. While in prison, he organizes with the other captives on how to escape but each of them has to take different routes. Outside prison, he has to struggle to survive after the villagers kill Duane, a member he escapes with.

As he acts, Christian Bale looks very serious physically implying that the task he is taking is not any simple. He is the only character who is able to escape from a POW camp in the jungles of Laos. He is very interesting as he takes the position of the real Dieter Dengler who died of lateral sclerosis. He is bombed while in a plane while the fighter pilots block all the streets he should use but he does not seem scared. This implies that he has a strong romantic notion of United States as well as the great idealism and dream of being a true US citizen and a pilot.

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