Essay: The Act of Terrorism

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Essay: The Act of Terrorism

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As much as terrorists try to justify their deeds, it is understood that their acts are of criminal activities. They use the media too send their message to the intended audience. Before they strike, they take a lot of time to prepare. When terrorists strike their intended victims, they cause more terror to the people who were not necessarily victims but they are terrified by the news.  They use the media to pass their information to the intended audience to have a feeling of winning. It is worthy noting that the number of the casualty is the only measure of the seriousness of a terrorist attack. It is common for the media available to be manipulated by a certain group in order to achieve its goals.

The al-Qaeda used planes as their weapons of choice whereby they killed about 2985 people which was the worst terrorist attack to happen on the US soil. After the attacks on the US soil in September 11, 2001, the government has taken the responsibility of ensuring the safety of its citizens against terrorism to another level. The security at the airports is a federal responsibility and screening for anyone entering the airports or boarding a plane has been intensified. “The Transport Security Administration, established by the congress in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, has hired tens of thousands of airport screeners and deployed a fleet of explosive detection systems.”(Kayyem & Pangi 2003 pp 214)

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