Essay: Acquiring New Customers

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Essay: Acquiring New Customers

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“Due to strong competition and a continuous market change, most companies engage in strategic planning today to become or stay competitive in the long run.” (Pahl & Richter 2009 pp 2) Of great importance to note, is that every customer needs should be satisfied if the company is going to achieve its goals. It is of paramount importance to acknowledge the fact that acquiring a new customer is very difficult if one is not able to retain the customers he or she is serving.

The quality of the products that are been offered will be increased as a way of attracting new customers through the network of the existing ones. Maintaining the standards of the hygiene in the stores is important to success and this can only be achieved through employee satisfaction. In order to ensure that employees are committed to their work there are incentives for those who are doing their job diligently. Customers will be encouraged to report abusive or uncooperative employees and at the same time tell the management about the good ones. Hardworking employees will receive promotions or cash incentives as a way of giving them the motivation of working towards customers’ satisfaction. A satisfied employee translates to a satisfied customer since the said employee gives all it takes to serve customers in the right way. When customers are satisfied, with the service, they are receiving in a certain place then this leads to the same customers becoming advocates of the company. Reducing the prices of most of our products is important since this will go a long way increasing our market share as long as the quality of the products remains the same. Serving many customers and getting a little profit from each one is going to help the company in been competitive in the market. By reducing the price, we will have added the low-income earners in to our target market and we are expecting to increase our customer base by 1%.

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