Essay: Achievements of Siddhartha

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Essay: Achievements of Siddhartha

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Through the life of Siddhartha, it is evident that one can achieve anything in life if he stays focused. It takes Siddhartha almost his entire life to achieve what he believes in. following the story of his life we find out that patience pays, for it were not for patience and perseverance then he would have achieved anything. He also has to make very sacrifices in order to achieve what he needs. He is once a successful businessperson but after realizing that there is no happiness in that life, he quits the business to look for happiness. He also chooses to forget about his son so that each one can pursue what he believes in. The achievement of Siddhartha proves beyond reasonable doubt that determination knows no barrier.

He remembered how once, as a youth, he had compelled his father to let him go and join the ascetic, how he had taken leave of him, how he had gone and never returned. Had not his father also suffered the same pain that he was now suffering for his son? (Hesse et, al, 91)

Through this, Siddhartha understands that his father also lost a son in him so he gains courage that keeps him going. He acknowledges that his father must have been in the same situation before but understands that everyone should be left to live his own life just as his father did.

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