Essay: What is Acculturation

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Essay: What is Acculturation

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Acculturation is another major concept that relates to ethnic identity apart from identity development and ethnic identity formation, but they supplement each other in forming a solid theoretical foundation for better understanding of eating disorders in society. Lask and Bryant, (2000), define acculturation as changes within a culture after interaction with another culture. It is relevant psychologically since this interaction results into psychological changes like change in persons behaviors, value and attitudes.

When individuals are exposed to a new culture, they learn new norms, attitudes, values and develop a level of acceptance of these changes that they have been exposed to.  As a result, the acculturated culture is often reinforced, changed or modified during the process of acculturation. For instance, ethnic minorities and immigrants are more influenced by the dominant or majority culture than they can influence. The empirical example is the African Americam women who reside with neighborhood of white women are more influenced to strive for slim body sizes than they can influence their white counterparts to seek weight gaining measures. In this way, the minority or immigrants starts to adopt a biethnic status. Since acculturation involves both relationship with the new culture and relationship with the ethnic culture (Rachel, 2002, pp. 312). Where change always happen in the process of interacting through the following three steps of contact, conflict and adaptation.

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