Essay: Accidents Occuring in Aviation Industry

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Essay: Accidents Occuring in Aviation Industry

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NASA did a research that established that about seventy percent of accidents that occur in the aviation industry are because of human errors. (Air Force Instruction 11-290 April 11, 2001) Legal actions that might be initiated by negligence of staff airlines are a threat to the smooth operation of this industry.  Aircraft accidents are very visible and as a result, they can be prevented. In order to reduce the human error involved in aviation it is important for the individuals involved to accept that human error is inevitable.

After this, it is good to address the severity of accidents that occur after the errors have been done. Several things lead to increased probability of one making an error and these include “fatigue, workload, and fear as well as cognitive overload, poor interpersonal communications, imperfect information processing, and flawed decision making.” (Helmreich 2000) These factors are referred to as threats since they increase the chances of any individual committing an error in whatever he might be doing. A tired pilot is more likely to doze off while in the cockpit and thus fail to notice som4ethings that he ought to do than one who is fully rested. Misinterpretation of information that one might be given can result in dangerous decisions that can lead to great losses. Communication is very important when it comes to air traffic control. A chain of communication errors led to the “collision of two Boeing 747s at Tenerife in the Spanish Canary Islands” in 1977, which led to the death of all the 583 passengers and crew aboard the 2 planes. (Flight Safety Australia 2001)  If the cockpit crew had the right CRM training of interpreting received information as a team then this accident could have been avoided. In CRM, the acronym SADIE is made up of;

Share information, Analyze the information, Develop the best solution, Implement your decision and Evaluate the outcome because one mind can misinterpret the information.

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