Essay: Access to Quality Healthcare

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Essay: Access to Quality Healthcare

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There are various adverse effects for those who are not insured as they are bound to meet all their medical expenses in case they are taken ill.  When an uninsured person is taken ill, it is the responsibility of the government and thus the taxpayer to make sure that the said person has access to quality healthcare. This proves to be very expensive to the government and as a result, the improved health care plan was adopted in order to address such issues. According to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, there are 46.6 million uninsured Americans as at 2007 but as it stands now the number has dropped to about 32 million. Uninsured individuals are exposed to adverse suffering which in some instances it leads to death. The high number of uninsured people is attributed to decrease in employer-covered insurance due to the economic down turn. (Patient Protection and Affordable Care 2010 available online)

PPACA will be implemented in a span of the next four years. The law includes the expansion of the number of those who are eligible to Medicaid; the government will award reduction of insurance premiums, businesses providing health insurance.  Insurance companies will not be allowed to deny coverage or claims because of health history of any person. This healthcare plan comes with its own costs, which will be covered by a set of taxes to be implemented. The taxes will be imposed on the high-end income earners as well as those of in house tanning. Individuals will opt out of the insurance will be penalized as a way of encouraging every member of the society to be insured and as a source of income.

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