Essay: Access to Insurance Cover

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Essay: Access to Insurance Cover

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In the other developed countries, such like France, all the insurance companies are forced by the government to offer insurance cover to all the people.  It is necessary for every member of the society to acquire insurance cover since the poor have their covers subsidized. The government sets the prices of the policies and ensures that the doctor’s charges are regulated. Salaries and prices of the doctors are controlled by the state. This ensures that there is no overcharging in treatments.

On the other hand, price control leads to many investors shying off since a liberal market is what many investors opt for. It is imperative to note that the French and the US governments share a lot in common since they are faced with growing elderly population. Despite this fact, the French government spends less money as compared to the US in healthcare. This is because the French ensures that everyone in society has insurance cover and thus he or she is able to pay for all his medical bills. Because of this, the government needs only little money to subsidize insurance for the poor. In order for the American government to reduce the amount of money it spends on healthcare, it should start controlling the insurance sector to ensure that every one has access to insurance cover. (Dutton 2008)

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