Essay: Absence of Physical Activities as a Cause for Obesity

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Essay: Absence of Physical Activities as a Cause for Obesity

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The amount of food that children are consuming has also increased and they tend to eat more during a snack meal. Research has also proved that people are currently eating with their children from fast food restaurants than from their homes as compared to early 1970s time. Majority of children eat in such fast food restaurants that serve large portions of high content fat food. Experts in the United States believe that high calorie content food have become the basic staple food for most families resulting to large consumption of fat and calories per se which increases the prevalence of obesity in young children and their parents ( Bradbury, 225–230).

Adults and children are spending a lot of their time in their usual activities (Bradbury). Due to advance in technology, young children have diversified their games to computer games, television watching, internet surfing and they rarely involve themselves in physical games. Adults on the other hand have long working hours and they hardly get time for physical exercises. In addition to this, there are a number of labors saving devices such as elevators so that the children no longer use the stairs. They also use vehicles to take them all round and remote controls that facilitate a sedentary lifestyle. Students hardly involve themselves in physical education programs in school and the extra calories and fats stored in the body are not broken down hence increasing the prevalence of obesity in such families and children (Obesity and weight management, online).

Some studies conducted on a number of adults and children indicated that 27% of adult admitted that they hardly have time for leisure while 90 percent of children hardly participate in physical games. The absences of physical activities have minimized the amount of energy spent in the whole day resulting to individuals that are overweight and obese (Obesity and weight management, online).

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