Essay: Abnormality development detection

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Essay: Abnormality development detection

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Abnormality development detection through the use of nasal bone development in Down syndrome fetuses has enabled us to examine empirically that there is embryo development abnormality as a result of Down syndrome.

In a research conducted to investigate the presence and size of the nasal bones in postmortem down syndrome fetuses by means of radiographs and histological, the research involved 33 aborted human fetuses at gestational age 14 to 25 weeks with Down syndrome. Procedurally, the mid-sagittal tissue block was excised from the skull base to the foramen magnum and along the lateral aspect of the spine, thereafter lateral, frontal and axial projections Radiographs of the tissue block were taken. THIS then followed by the measuring and recording of the CRL (crown-rump length), CNO (number of ossified bones in the hand and foot) and FL (foot length).

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