Essay: Abnormal development of the fetus with Down syndrome

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Essay: Abnormal development of the fetus with Down syndrome

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After employing the diagnostic criteria of either screening or diagnostic tests 1 in every 800 fetus tested tests positive for the syndrome. In this fetus, many implications befall these fetuses in their developmental processes. Most dominant of the abnormalities is the mental retardation and delayed in the way the fetus develops.  In terms of the physical delayed or abnormal development, the fetus shows a short neck (Stene 204), congenital heart defects, and white spots on the iris known as Brushfield spots, a single flexion furrow of the fifth finger, higher number of ulnar loop dermatoglyphs, excessive flexibility in joints and excessive space between large toe and second toe.

Furthermore, the fetus may exhibit oblique eye fissures with epicanthic skin folds on the inner corner of the eyes, a protruding tongue because of small oral cavity, single palmar, fold, muscle hypotonia and a flat nasal bridge. Most severe fetus developmental abnormality is the mental retardation in most cases. Fetus diagnosed with Down syndrome shows mental retardation in the mild (IQ 50–70) to moderate (IQ 35–50) range (Stene 194). However, there are more abnormalities that fetus usually exhibit (illustrated by table.3 and table 4). But elaborative discussion shall pick on a few to be exclusively discussed.

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