Essay: A-B-Cs of arts learning

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Essay: A-B-Cs of arts learning

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The ABCs of art learning is an academic abbreviations given to the summary of identified six major benefits associated with study of the arts and student achievement in schools. These major benefits specify the broader benefits or associations of arts learning and student achievement. These associations were: learning piano and mathematics proficiency; visual arts instruction and reading readiness; traditional dance and nonverbal reasoning; and dramatic enactment and conflict resolution skills. In this context, ABCs denotes that the benefits associated with arts learning is categorized into three major pools of benefits: Academic, Basic and Comprehensive benefits (table2.ABCs).

Learning Arts is Academic

According to Catterall, (2002); Vaughn, (2002), learning arts, a student develops academic skills in such areas as reading and language and mathematics. Through research and application of paper and pencil tests, there is a body of evidence that support arts learning and development of academic skills.

Reading and Language skills

Some of arts instruction enhance and complement basic reading skills, writing and language development for learners. For instance, the study of music has provided a context for teaching language skills, while dance has been employed to develop reading readiness in children. Additionally, drama has been associated with development of literacy skills as students learning to read and write must be able to associate letters, phrases and words with sentences, meanings and sounds (Minton, 2008).

Empirical evidence as provided by research conducted by (John, Catterall and Richard, 2004), that state that the development of literacy skills among pre-kindergarteners was fostered when the children were allowed to act out their favorite stories. Moreover, the most effective approach recommended for teaching reading is through the teacher read a story to students.

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