Essay: 3D TV Plans

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Essay: 3D TV Plans

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HDI is marketing heavily on the unique immersive qualities of large HDTV displays and 3D technology. The small California start up with big 3D TV plans is in the news again as more details about HDI’s laser-powered 3D TV are released.  HDI-US Inc. already has orders for its prototype 103-inch 3D HDTV and is now actively marketing itself as a television manufacturer and not just a 3D solutions licensor.  HDI’s platform is a laser-based projection system blended with proprietary optics and LCoS.  Glasses are needed for viewing in 3D, but reportedly, the glasses are passively designed to provide less eyestrain than the active-shutter models already in the market.

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To Sony, in the growing industry of 3D cinema, Sony has supported and driven the expansion of 3D by providing a wide variety of professional equipment for the shooting, production and screening of movies in 3D. The number of digital 3D screens is increasing rapidly, and is expected to reach 7,000 by the end of 2009*3. In addition to 3D movies, Sony’s range of professional 3D products is also driving the growth of 3D production and distribution across a range of entertainment industries, from theatre and music performances to sport and beyond.

To Samsung, it uses low price to attack customers, and sell on Amazon is a good propaganda tactics. The first Samsung 3D-enabled HDTV is currently available for purchase on Amazon. The 55-inch UN55C7000 includes a 240Hz LED display, four HDMI 1.3 inputs, which are HDMI-CEC compatible: a component, a VGA, two Connect Share Movie USB ports. It also has a BDWise feature, which is able to adjust components automatically, in order to offer the best picture and sound quality.

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