Essay: 3D Television

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Essay: 3D Television

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In 2009, a costly three-dimensional film, the film industry has reached new records. It is called “Avatar”, directed by James Cameron. The new three-dimensional film effects onto the screen in theatre, people began to understand the three-dimensional things. This is a new form of technology while also in 2010 it moved to every family. People may know 3D but do not realize its effects. Actually, 3D is the optical principles of multiview auto-stereoscopy that has been known for over a century. Practical displays with a high resolution have recently become available at much lower prices. Last week, I went to a Sony store to check for a new laptop. I was interested to find a 3D TV, it attracted me and wearing a special glass, I was watching a real 3D TV. This was my first time to touch the 3D TV. A new technology moves to people lives – 3D television. This is a very new stuff to people. Imagine staying at home and watching every single TV show, talk show or movie on TV.

A 3D television employs techniques of 3D presentation, such as sterioscopiccapture, multi-view capture, or 2D plus dept, and a3D display- a special viewing device to project a television program into a real three-dimensional field. 3D episodes became moderately popular in the late 1990s when several shows in the USA used the technique to attract viewers and increase ratings. Through 3D TV technology, producers give customers a unique definition, in order to let people buy it, moving this new technology up to a higher level. The 3D television is the latest technology that has taken the entertainment to a higher level notable with its new unique features that have been catalyzed by technological innovations.

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