Essay: The 20th Sonnet by Shakespeare

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Essay: The 20th Sonnet by Shakespeare

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The 20th sonnet by Shakespeare is like a wakeup call to the human kind to be fair to love they are shown by the lord and thus they should always be faithful to him in return. He begins by depicting the lord as a woman but later on, he chooses to disregard the gender of the lord and instead concentrate on his beauty. “Nature painted you with the face of a woman, you master and mistress of my passion” (Shakespeare & Evans 2006 ln 2) is an indication that the gender of the lord is not important when it comes to his faithfulness. It is important to love the lord and treat him s our father and master.

By referring to the lord as “a man in hue, all hues”, (Shakespeare & Evans 2006 ln 7) is a show of how the lord is faithful to anybody on the earth.  The lord does not choose people for what they are but it is for what they do to him. The poet proves to the reader that the lord is beautiful and thus it is upon any member of the society to choose to follow him or not. The lord does not fool anyone so people should trust him.

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