Causes and Effects Essay

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Causes and Effects Essay

Cause and Effect essay explains what caused a thing to happen and what the consequences or results (effect) to it were. The writer of a cause and effect essay chooses to explain about an activity which can lead to another. All the pros and cons are discussed when describing the causes of something or the effects out of it.

If you are given a task to write a cause and effect essay, here are a few tips:

à         Choose a topic on which you will write your essay. Take a position either to explain the causes of something or the effects of it. Explaining both simultaneously will sound puzzling to the reader of what you are trying to convey.

à         Study the topic thoroughly. Do some research for your topic. Read the books or visit websites to gather relevant information.

à         Write as many causes or effects as you can. More information can help you write a better essay to impress your teacher. Make a draft of all the information you have and give it a sequence.

à         After doing a proper study of your topic, write the essay. In the introduction, tell the reader what you are going to talk about. Give a brief background of your topic and take your position of either explaining the causes or the effects.

à         In the middle paragraphs write each point in one paragraph. Develop coherence among the paragraphs. Remember! It is not necessary that you write all the information in your essay, rather, be precise and focused on the topic by giving a few points in your support.

à         In the conclusion write a brief summary of your essay. Rephrase your thesis statement so that the reader has a lasting impact of what has been said in the essay.

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