Descriptive Essays

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Descriptive Essays

Descriptive essays are a kind of essays in which the writer describes a situation, an event, a personality, an object, an observation etc. Descriptive essays are more like a story describing the subject in detail. One should have good writing skills to write descriptive essays.

If you are given a task of writing a descriptive essay, you first need to understand what a descriptive essay is and how it is written. The aim of descriptive essays is to make the reader experience the event or the journey which has been described in the essay. If you are describing an object in your essay, you need to describe the whole process of evaluating and analyzing the object, and give details about the outcomes of your study. Put yourself in the shoes of the reader and see how you could communicate your thoughts to him/her.

Here are a few guidelines of writing descriptive essays effectively:

»   First you need to choose the topic which you are going to describe in your essay, then study the topic thoroughly.

»   Do some brainstorming. Write all the details related to the topic in your notebook. If it is an event you have experienced, write every moment you have gone through during that event. If you have chosen a fresh topic to describe, search for the information on the internet and in books, and gather maximum information so that you fully understand the topic.

»   Then write your essay in the citation and format instructed by the teacher. Follow the same pattern of essay writing including introduction, middle paragraphs and conclusion. Describe the topic in detail. Use your imagination and give it a form of a story so that the reader actually experiences your words. This would leave a lasting impact on the reader.

»   After writing your essay, revise it a minimum three times. Check for the grammar and punctuation, spelling and vocabulary, and any errors which may cause you to lose grades. Get your paper read by someone else for your satisfaction.

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