Critical Analysis Essay

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Critical Analysis Essay

Critical analysis essay is one in which students are required to do analysis of a literary material and develop a viewpoint on it. It is one of the compulsory parts of academic writing assignments by which they develop a critical writing skill and clear understanding of how to describe something with logics.

For writing critical analysis essay, here are a few guidelines:

ü  Before writing the essay you need to do a proper study of the object under analysis. In order to make a clear understanding of the object, study it thoroughly and write all the details you observe on a piece of paper.

ü  Refer to different books and websites to gather information about every aspect of the object. Remember! Your aim is to make the reader understand what the object is and how you have analyzed, what your observations are and what the proofs to it are.

ü  After you have sufficient information regarding your object, compare it with your analysis and general observations. Highlight the points which support your analysis to help you write your essay.

ü  Write a draft of your essay now. Arrange the information in a proper essay format. Introduce your topic in the first paragraph and explain why you have chosen that topic for your critical analysis. Write a thesis statement which gives the reader an idea of what will come further in the essay.

ü  In the middle paragraphs discuss your observations. Give details about the object and explain both positive and negative aspects of it. Support your observation with logics to make the reader agree with you. Make sure you do not repeat any point already discussed in the essay.

ü  For the conclusion you have to be very specific. Restate your thesis statement in different words to put a lasting impact on the reader.

For writing a critical analysis essay you need to be much focused. Use of proper vocabulary is of much importance, because any biased or prejudiced statement may put a negative impact on the reader. Always remember not to give personal opinions in writing a critical analysis essay.

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