Compare and Contrast Essay

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Compare and Contrast Essay

One of the technically written essays is the compare and contrast essay. It is quite easier to find out the similarities and dissimilarities between two objects, however, to write an essay efficiently on that is not a piece of cake. The main issue in writing a compare and contrast essay is to develop a proper structure while writing it. It follows a certain format which makes the reader realize that you are not merely giving description about the objects, but are doing comparison between them.

Here are few guidelines to write a compare and contrast essay in a better way:

ü  Select the two topics between which you will do your comparison. They should be of similar sort. For example, you cannot compare a fruit (say orange) with a building. It should be two buildings, two fruits, etc.

ü  In the introduction, start with a general idea about the class of objects you will be talking about. Develop a thesis statement which describes that you are going to compare two items in the rest of the essay.

ü  In the main body of the compare and contrast essay do not write your points haphazardly. In the first paragraph introduce one of your objects and give points about its qualities.

ü  In the second paragraph, write about the other object and the points about its good and bad qualities.

ü  Then in the third paragraph compare both the objects. Write all the similarities they have and their benefits in an orderly manner.

ü  Following in the fourth paragraph, write about the contrasts between the objects and details regarding their dissimilarities.

ü  Finally in the conclusion, summarize your discussion and rephrase the thesis statement so that the reader has a lasting impact of what has been discussed in the entire essay.

ü  Revise your essay for any error in grammar, punctuation, spelling etc. Make corrections and submit it to the teacher.

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