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Essay: How to Control Cyberbullying

Sample Essay The government need to put in place rules and regulation that can be employed to control these vices. The government need to monitor and control the ISP and IM in order to crackdown the perpetrators of cyberbullying and book them. Harsh sentences need to be implemented the perpetrators while the victim needs to…
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Pop culture

Culture is the identity and knowledge of a particular group; it includes their language, style, norms, values, belief, music, cuisine, art and most importantly religion. Culture has many sub divisions but it is majorly defined as the minority and majority. The culture followed by the majority is the ultimate culture within that society, and the…
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Essay: Preventing Teen Suicide

Sample Essay Professional counseling could be of much help, as this will give the teen skills to cope with life’s tribulations. Once the teen gets to know how to deal with his or her problems then the desire to hold ones life disappears. Alternatively one can go for the option of changing the residential address…
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Essay: Youth Cyberbullying

Sample Essay Considering that cyberbullying is not limited to personal attacks in schools, it is worth noting that youth cyberbullying involving in their places of work (Roddel, 2008. p155). A firm’s website where the clients are reviewing products have also become a target for youth cyberbullying. In efforts to tarnish the product endorsed by a…
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