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Essay: Soccer World Cup Riots in 2010

Sample Essay INTRODUCTION Soccer riots comprises of unruly behavior before, during or after a football match. It may be catalyzed by a number of issues ranging from poor referring decision, hooliganism by the supporters or by other stakeholders involved in soccer. The result of football riots ranges from vandalism of infrastructure, injuries to the players…
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Essay: The Rules of Soccer

Sample Essay In soccer, there are many rules that govern the spectators, the referees, the players, team doctors and the team managers. It is worth noting, since time in memorial, the rules of soccer have always been changed to make it more interesting and fair, i.e. make it more human. Cases of violence and even…
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Essay: The Basic Soccer Player Kit

Sample Essay The basic soccer player kit constitutes of a pair of boots, jersey, short, socks and shin guard. The players can decide whether to wear glove and headgear or not. Other attires such as chains and watches are forbidden. The goalkeeper must wear unique attire in order to be differentiated from other players. This…
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