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Essay: Islam as a Misrepresented Faith

Sample Essay Since it is true that, “all the great traditions are saying the same thing in much the same way, despite their surface differences”, it is easy to coexist with each other. They all emphasize on compassion importance. This is what the prophet was out to prophecize for he did not support the differences…
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Essay: The Word of God

Sample Essay According to the bible, it was prophesied that the word of God would one day be spread across every part of the world. When this prophecy was being made nobody knew how big the world was or how this would be achieved. These men of God did not force anyone to accept Jesus…
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Essay: Why God Allows Evil to Happen

Sample Essay The bible makes us believe that there are so many sinners who God punished after they committed different mistakes. For example, He was fed up with the world that He saved only Noah and several others by rain. He advocates for forgiveness and yet He committed this crime of killing. Does it mean…
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Sheol from the view of Christians

Sheol is a Hebrew word which is a place dominated by darkness where all the dead people go to, even if they are righteous, regardless of how they have been in their life. Sheol is a place which is lifeless and cut off from the Hebrew God. The individuals who lack personality and strength or…
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