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Essay: What is Terrorism

Sample Essay Terrorism can be described as any act of violence or terror that is used to instill fear to a certain targeted individual or group of individuals. Terrorism comes in different forms according to where it has come from since the government, an individual or an organized group of people like the al-Qaida can…
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Essay: What it means to be an American

Sample Essay The democratic republic of America founded based on equality, justice, liberty and opportunity has gone through trying moments, but through the wisdom of its great leaders, Americans have remained united. From the dark days of the civil rights movements to the present day of fight against terrorism, the American society has devoted its…
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Essay: What is a Total War

Sample Essay Total war can be defined as an epic strategy game and so far, it is the best strategy that has ever been formed. The total war family has to be designed in a manner that will enable it win. It consists of both evolutionary and revolutionary strategies.  Its main aim is to build…
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Should Wealthy Nations Share Their Wealth Among Poorer Nations?

This century has been the most progressive since man started living in communities and becoming civilized. With the advent of globalization, third world countries seem to face innumerable problems, especially in the field of education and the provision of food. Most third world countries, especially in Africa have practically no resources for the education of…
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