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Essay: Experiential Learning Theory

Sample Essay John Dewy and Kurt Levin postulated the Experiential Learning Theory. The theory caters four major aspects of learning. The theory presents a fine balance of experience, observations, conceptualization and experimentation (Skyrius, 2001).

Essay: Plato’s Research on Prisoners

Sample Essay According to Plato, the prisoners are far away from truth or reality–however, they do not recognize this and would not accept it if the advise was given to these people. The prisoners would be temporarily deprived of sight and incapable to distinguish the objects that cast the shadows on the wall. (Valleau, Finnbogason,…
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Essay: Ancient Greek philosophy; Its Implication in Modern Era

Sample Essay Despite some popular moves, such as those of  James Madison and Thomas Jefferson when they adopted his policies did not help towards the assuaging of the public wound that the political theory was based and steeped deep in the Machiavellian concepts that only heralded an era of monitoring and using moral values of…
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Essay: Advantages of Aristotle’s Philosophy

Sample Essay The greatest advantages of Aristotle’s philosophy were the importance it attached to observation and analysis on the basis of logic, and its ability to bridge the gap between Plato’s two separate worlds of ideas and sensible things.  Unfortunately, his philosophy was not without its disadvantages.  Firstly, he placed too much emphasis on observation…
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