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Essay: US in the World War 1

Sample Essay On 1917, Woodrow Wilson, the US president, decided to engage US in the World War I after taking one year being a non-partisan in the war. US focused on the World peace and this is evidenced by its attendance of the Hague Conferences. The US and its allies won WWI hence proving its…
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Essay: World Trade Center Disaster

Sample Essay The impact of the planes led to extensive damage to columns, which hold the building. This also led to displacement of the insulation coating which was responsible for guarding the steel floor trusses and steel columns from fire. The planes had only left the airport, which means that they had a lot of…
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Essay: Spanish-American war

In 1898, Americans sought liberation from the Spaniards in the famous Spanish-American war. The war actually sprang from revolutions in Cuba and the psyche spread to America where Spain had been accused of countless atrocities, including the sinking of an American battleship in Maine.

Essay: Denial of Voting Rights and Citizenship

Following a growing discontent with the racist Black Codes occasioned by oppressive and prejudicial laws, denial of voting rights and citizenship among other things, there emerged fresh calls for equality under the auspices of the Civil Rights Act of 1866.