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Essay: The Block is an Urban Slum

However, The Block is an urban slum. The dilapidated buildings, people loitering around the square, seemingly without anything important to do and the rumors of drug abuse all lend to this fact (Time Out Sydney, 2010). Despite the squalor of the place, it has a striking feature in the form of a patch of grass…
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Essay: What The Block Refers to

Compared to the beautiful, well-organized suburbs we visited during the field trip, ‘The Block’ was a study in contrast. Located in Redfern, Sydney, ‘The Block’ simply refers to a block of housing. The Aboriginal Housing Corporations (AHC) put these houses up several years ago to cater for the housing needs of the Aboriginal community in…
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Essay: Responsibility and accountability in Engineering Ethics

Sample Essay Giving an account of one’s action either before or after a task is very important in avoiding conflicts not only human but also professional Herkert (2000, p. 38). Engineers should be able to explain their activities as this incorporates a wide rage of thinking abilities from both professional and non-professionals.

Essay: Engineering ethics in Australia-Disclosure of public interest

Sample Essay Engineers in this country are obligated in line with safeguarding public safety to this social obligation. It eliminates any chances of unlawful activities within the field of practicing engineering. This is possible by making public any undertaking by any individual willing to pursue a particular contract and blowing the whistle whenever illegal dealing…
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