Essay: Ways to Manage Time

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In efforts to achieve my planned time schedule, I had to evaluate or audit my time usage in reference to the planned time usage (, 2002). On Monday, I achieved my time management schedule, nevertheless, in the evening during the discussion period. I realized most of us did not engage in academic work but mostly shared how we had spent our weekend.

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Essay: What are the steps in preparing a dissertation proposal

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What are the steps in preparing a dissertation proposal? Where are you now in this process and what are your future plans for your dissertation?

A quality dissertation should be prepared by following a number of steps. The first step is defining clearly the issue of exploration. The writer should make sure that the issue is stated clearly, such that it is neither too narrow nor too broad. In this stage, one should make sure that all his supervisors are able to identify his topic of interest easily. The second step is the literature review, which enables the writer of the proposal to be able to understand the earlier studies done in his area of interest.

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Custom Essay: Why is learning English important?

Custom Essay: Why is learning English important?

Learning a new language which is not your mother tongue can prove to be very helpful especially if a person lives in a country where there is a diverse culture. The most common language in the world is English. It is a universal language of communication and is recognized worldwide. English is also known as the language of business. It is generally used as a way of communication between people of different cultures and nationalities. Statistics show that it is spoken by 1.8 billion people worldwide, which contributes to 27% of the population of the world. If a person is given a choice to learn a second language, they should opt for English because it would help them with many things. Read More

Custom Term Paper: Role of External Exams

Custom Term Paper on External Exams

External exams are commonly observed in the commonwealth countries especially at the point of graduation or where the students are in transition of their studies that is from moving on towards college from school or university from college. The examination board is responsible for the grading of the students and mark their competitive selection according to the intellect of the student. The teachers, students, and tutors even the coaching institutions are taking a high interest in the process and their outcomes. Read More