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Sculpture the true art

Sculpture is a form of art, with a lot of significance and importance in many countries and religions. It is a three dimensional work three-dimensional carving, combining hard or plastic materials and adding more materials such as clay in stone, metal, ceramics, wood and other materials.

Pop Art

Pop art was formed in the mid-1950s in Britain to compete with the traditions of fine art by making picture of popular culture such as advertisements, news, celebrities etc.  Artists in London gathered together and called themselves the Independent Group, meeting regularly to discuss topics such as the mass culture’s place in fine arts, objects,…
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Essay: Rivera made Most of his Paintings at the Secretariat of Public Education

Most of his earlier paintings were made at the Secretariat of Public Education, Mexico City. These paintings were mainly concerned with the Mexican society by the reflecting the 1910 revolution in the country.

Essay: Rivera Shifted to Post-Impressionism

Rivera was very keen in following the types of paintings done in his time. When he started his art works, Paris was in the era of cubism in art as was evidenced by famous painters including Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso.