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Essay: You’ve Got Mail

Sample Essay You’ve Got Mail is an American comedy that was produced in 1998 by Warner Bros about two secret lovers who only communicate through mails and are not aware that they are rivals in business. At the start of the play, we learn that Kathleen has a boyfriend but soon the boyfriend leaves the…
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Nella Fantasia

Buy Essays on Nella Fantasia and Much More! Nella Fantasia means “In my fantasy.” It is a song in Italian sung to the original soundtrack theme “Gabriel’s Oboe” from the movie “The Mission” from 1986. Sarah Brightman originally released it back in 1998 after asking Ennio Morricone (the composer of the movie instrumental) many times…
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Jon Snow’s Parentage in ASOIAF

George R. R. Martin’s magnum opus “A Song of Ice and Fire” is as legendary as it is unpredictable as a story. There simply is so character safe from the notorious pen of the man that has laid waste to main character after main character until the concept simply does not remain in this epic…
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Is Cesc Fabregas a Traitor?

Arsene Wenger is known to conjure up unknown talent out of relative obscurity and to turn it into world-class superstars time and again, much like an illusionist takes something ordinary and makes it do something extraordinary. So, when Wenger interrupted his vacation to come down to London himself to make the offer to Fabregas in…
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